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Angell Petco Pure Scottish Salmon Oil

Paid partnership in association with Angell Petco.

Since I was a little pupper the humans have given me oily fish: sardines, salmon, mackerel, kippers and tuna… I love it. Not matter if I’m in the garden or in a different room in the house, as soon as that fishy smell hits the air I’m off to the kitchen.

A little over a year ago my local doggo shop told my humans about salmon oil and the benefits that it can have by just adding a little to my food. Since then they have added a little spoonful to my breakfast every other day. Not only is it good for me, but it makes breakfast taste supaw fishy. So when Angell Petco contacted the human asking if I would give their new Pure Scottish Salmon Oil For Dogs a try, my tail instantly started to wag.

Why salmon oil you say?…

Salmon Oil is rich in Omega 3  and Omega 6 fatty acids which can help to prevent itchy skin, dry cracked paws, circulation problems and stiff or achy joints in older doggos. Omega 3 is also what helps to give us pooches a nice shiny coat, which is something that I’ve always receive positive comments about… Not to mention the taste! I always do a double spin when I can smell the fishy goodness on my food.

So just to sum it up… Salmon Oil is a great addition to your dog’s diet. It’s good for us in so many ways and is a tasty addition to our food. One of my favourites is to have it with scrambled egg at breakfast time.

Angell Petco Pure Scottish Salmon Oil is all natural and is 100% pure fresh salmon oil with nothing added, just the way I like it. For more information and to buy online visit the Angell Petco website.