Gary The Beagle

Your basket Dog-Friendly Awards: The Keel Row Seaton Delaval

Last week I was given an assignment to be a Roving Repawter for and report on the North East’s winner of the 2019 Rover Dog Friendly Awards

Each year sniffs out the UK’s most dog-friendly pubs. The pubs get added to their ever-growing list, which helps humans to find the best places to enjoy a refreshing beer, some tasty food and tasty treats with us doggos.  Your human can use the search feature over at by adding their postcode, and the power of the interwebz will bring up a list of dog-friendly pubs in your area.

I was asked to take the human to The Keel Row, as they have just been nominated the most dog friendly pub in the North East for the third year in a row!

The Keel Row is located on the A192, just outside Seaton Delaval and it is easy to see why this place has won three years on the trot. As soon as you pull into the car park you can see their custom Keel Row watering station and a dog house by the front door.

Inside the pub is very welcoming and cosy, with plenty of bowls of water dotted about for us to drink from. The pub was in full Christmas mode, with Frosty the Snowman and Christmas trees on full display. The human and me found a comfy seat, and the nice bar lady brought me over a blanket so I could sit at the table and watch the human while he ate what looked like a very tasty burger washed down with a pint of ale.

The staff at The Keel Row are super friendly and they were dishing out the belly rubs like they were going out of fashion. There’s also a fully stocked biscuit jar on the bar and a good selection of toys if you fancy a game of tuggo.

If you’re in the North East I would recommend that you pay a visit with your human

The locals are friendly and your human will easily find other humans to talk to while you enjoy some tasty treats and have a good woof with the other puppers.

But if the Keel Row is too far away for you to visit, don’t forget you can tell your human to go to and find your nearest dog-friendly pub.