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I'm a Little Beagle

Hello… and welcome to my website! My name is Gary and I’m a little beagle living with my two humans in the North of England. When I’m not snoozing on the sofa I enjoy doing all the usual doggy things that a little dog does like chasing balls, sniffing things (bums, grass, lamp posts etc…) going for walks, barking at the postman as well as  eating tasty treats and the good chicken, quite often with my beagle buddy Karl.

Not long after the humans brought me into their home they set me up my own Instagram account so that they had a place for my own pictures, a timeline of my adventures and to stop their personal accounts filling up with pupper spam. They aren’t exactly sure how but somewhere along the way I ended up quite the popular hound with an unexpected following that keeps on growing… which has brought me here… to my own space on the interwebz… my own place where people can see me beagling my way through life.

Mr Gary's Top Nomz

For those of you that don’t know, I am an absolute connoisseur of all things tasty. I know when the chicken is good, the beef is beefy, the pork is juicy, the cheese is cheesy, the duck is qwackers, the lamb is luscious  and the when the nomz are top! So that’s why I created ‘Mr Gary’s Top Nomz’! ‘Mr Gary’s Top Nomz’ are carefully selected treats for doggos like me and you… the everyday dog… the working dog… the top dog… the lap dog… the good boy and the good girl.

The Mr Gary’s Top Nomz range includes:

Totally pawsome tasty bitesize pieces of sausage that come in three flavours: Venison, Chicken and Cheese with Ham.

Tiny Goose Bites… these are grain free and perfect for little puppers, small dogs or to be used as a training treat.

The Good Chicken Balls… grain free crunchy balls made with carrot ,rosemary and thyme! My own personal recipe.

Peanut Butter and Banana Balls… grain free balls of crunchy peanut butter goodness. The perfect doggo desert.

Mr Gary's Top Nomz

Lending a Helping Paw

I’m one lucky pup, and in all of my days I never expected to have large following of loving followers, from all corners of the globe, it truly is humbling. My humans also feel that they are lucky to have a good boy like me. That’s why we feel that we should pass on the positive vibes and lend a helping paw wherever we can.

Beagle Welfare

Beagle Welfare was started in 1979 to help out beagles and their owners. The charity gives help and advice on all things beagle as well as offering a re-homing service for those beagles whose owners are unable to keep them for whatever reason, and in 2016 helped more than 300 little hounds find their furever homes.

For our second birthday me and my buddy Karl threw a pawty with fun and games to raise money for Beagle Welfare. We set our target at £500, and with the help of friends and local businesses we smashed it and raised just over £1,000.

You can help Beagle Welfare and donate via their interwebz! Cluck the “Find Out More” button!

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Wag & Co. North East Friendship Dogs

Wag and Company North East Friendship Dogs began in 2015 and became a fully registered charity in 2016. They send special doggos and their humans (known as Visiting Teams) to visit elderly dog lovers in care homes, hospitals and in their own homes across the North East of England. Each doggo and human are professionally assessed to ensure they are pawfect for the job.

Wag and Co. are the only visiting dog charity to visit people in their own homes and they do so on referral from professional agencies such as NHS Trusts, Adult Social Services, Dementia Services, GP practices, the Hospice Movement or the British Red Cross etc.  

Me and my humans are assigned to Craghall Care Home in Jesmond. Where we visit the residents a couple of times each month.

If you would like to make a donation to Wag and Co. or if you would like to volunteer and join the Wag team the click “Find Out More”.

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Friends & Pawtners

Throughout my little adventures I have been very lucky to make new friends and work with some great companies. I’ve have listed some of my favourites below for you all to check out:

The Dog Hoose is located both in Tynemouth and in Newcastle City Centre. They cater for all things doggo, with a huge selection of tasty treats, doggo clothing and are always on-hand to offer some great advice to humans who need a helping hand.

Doggy Delish is a puppers paradise when it comes to tasty hand baked treats. Based in North Shields this dedicated dog deli has a counter full of all kinds of nomz… from crunchy biscuit bones to cheese woofles. They also let you sample the delights… Yummy!