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Boozer Bites: Super Camel Chew


  • Tasty Strips of Camel
  • Taken From The Scalp and Neck Area
  • 100% Natural
  • All Camel, Nothing Added
  • No Preservatives
  • Long Lasting (Approx 2 to 4 Pints Depending on Doggo)
  • Size: Small (30 Grams and under)
  • Size: Medium (30 to 50 Grams)
  • Size: Large (50 to 80 Grams)
  • Size: XL (80 Grams and Over)
  • Each Stick 4” to 6” Long (Approx)

Are you a hound about town? Do you like to take your humans to the pub on a Friday night? Then you need to get your humans to get you some of ‘Mr Gary’s Boozer Bites’! My ‘Boozer Bites’ are super tasty nomz that take that little bit longer to eat, at least long enough for a human to drink a pint of beer. While your human sits and drinks, talks politics, Netflix or does the pub quiz you can enjoy a tasty treat!

Super Camel Chews are NOT RAWHIDE! They are 100% camel, camel skin to be exact. Taken from the scalp and neck area, these tasty strips are tough to chew and will allow your human enjoy a good two to three beers or maybe even a nice meal. They come in various shapes and each strip is around four to six inches long.

Small: £1.00 
(30 Grams and under) Pawfect for smaller doggos and little puppers.
Medium: £1.50 (30 to 50 Grams) Pawfect for smaller chewers, medium doggos and those that like to take their time.
Large: £2.00 (50 to 80 Grams) Pewfect for chompers and larger doggos.
XL: £3.00 (80 Grams and Over) Pawfect for the power chewer! The doggos that have a jaw like Tyrannical Terry (he’s a T-Rex)

Like humans, camels also have different colour skin and the colour can vary from batch to batch.

100% Camel.

Analytical Composition
Protein 67%, Fat 35.7%,  Ash 3.5%.

IMPORTANT: Due to import restrictions we cannot ship dog treats to the EU, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, India, Indonesia, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Singapore and USA. If you would like more information please email